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July 6th - July 31st 2019

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Until July 31st

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5th July 2019

Our Expert Jury will provide the Top 25 with feedback as well as pick the winner

WIN: YOUR photo on an Xpozer Print + Frame

Submit your photos to the Xpozer gallery monthly and win an Xpozer Print + Frame

•  Xpozer’s Vivid Satin photo prints come as big as your camera can shoot.

• Hang them perfectly with Xpozer’s award-winning photo frame.

•  Switch photos easily and hang your newest shots using the same frame in minutes.

•  Huge photos, mind-blowing quality, surprisingly affordable.

This Month's Contest will be judged by the Xpozer Team!

Everyone at Xpozer has a passion for photography. Our team ranges from professional photographers, to hobby photographers, to beginners!

So it doesn't matter what level you're at! We won't just be looking at the best photo but also the photo with the most potential to be a beautiful Xpozer

This month we'll be judging your submissions as well as giving feedback to the Top 25! 


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